How to Maintain the Lawn around a Tulip Garden

Tulips are undeniably a striking addition to any garden. With the right maintenance, they can last for a long time. What’s more is that taking care of this flower can be done by both beginners and professionals. It’s not only reading mower reviews for finding the best equipment to mow the lawn. It’s also about relaxing on rigid schedules to follow and no complex gardening and fertilization techniques, it’s relatively simple if you follow this guide.

However, one obstacle you’ll surely meet when you grow tulips is your lawn. If you have been noticing that the grass begins to grow taller, it is time to cut it off. Since you have beds of tulips, you might need to put a lot of care in doing so. Here are other ways to maintain your lawn without destroying your tulips.

  1. Your first option is to place your tulips in a place that does not need mowing – such as under the trees. It is the most strategic place as there is sufficient amount of sunshine to help it bloom and a lot of shade to keep the grass from growing.
  2. You can also opt to grow your tulips in a wild garden with grasses where you do not need to do the mowing any longer. It can look like they were there naturally. Since tulips can easily adapt to such location, you need not worry about their health.
  3. In case you still want to plant your tulips in a lawn, follow this guideline: After mowing, it is best that you let your grass clippings lay there and break down naturally. They can nourish the grass and add at least 25% of nutrients back to the soil. In other words, it helps in maintaining a healthy soil which is beneficial for your tulip bed. Leaving the clipping on the lawn also prevents the grass to grow faster.
  4. A bed of tulips in a poorly maintained lawn will not survive for long. It is not enough that you have the passion and the desire to see your tulips in full bloom. You also have to work in achieving it. Choose whatever technique in trimming your lawn. Just make sure that it suits your garden arrangement.

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