Wild tulips seem delicate, but they are actually tough and have survived through hundreds or thousands of years. They are a beauty that can used to be found only in the high mountains and hidden valleys of Asia and the Caucasus. We believe in the vibrant charm wild tulips bring and uphold them as they are a noble symbol of endurance and beauty.

Tulipes Sauvages is a website dedicated to wild tulips and everything about them. As far as wild tulips are concerned, you can learn so much from this site – from reading great articles about the different types of wild tulips to showcasing tulip collections. We also generously give out tips on how to maintain and look after tulips taken from the wild.

This website started a few years ago when I met a fellow tulip lover. We started to talk about a lot of things including its beauty and the problems we faced in growing them. We found out that there’s a lot to share about it. A few days after, I proposed this site which we are now both handling.

We started this site to address wild tulips enthusiasts from around the world. Its purpose is to simply know the characteristics and features of different wild tulips and share how to properly take good care of them. Beginners in gardening can learn the basics of planting wild tulips starting from gathering and replanting them. We also aim to showcase the beauty of wild tulips so that more people can appreciate them. Lastly, as a part of our vision, we hope that this site becomes a place where wild tulips lovers can convene and share their experiences.

We hope that in exploring this website, you will get a whole new perspective about growing wild tulips.