Big Tulip Meet Up

Calling all tulips enthusiasts and barbecue lovers out there! Tulipes Sauvages is planning to host a Big Tulip Meet Up/Barbecue Party for all interested individuals. We are breaking out the new gas smoker for the outdoor event that will be held in 134 Avenue de la République, TRIFOUILLIS LES CANARDS. The event will start from 10 am to 8pm on a weekend of May 2017. Further information of the date will be released shortly.

For regular goers, there are a number of surprises waiting for you. There are several booths to be placed where you can find and buy great tulips and other gardening items. A speaker has also been invited to give a short talk in the afternoon on how to take good care of your flowers. It will be a day of learning and fun for both beginners and experts. In the evening, there will be a music festival where barbecue and drinks will be served. Most of the dishes, including the barbecue, are cooked in a large propane smoker bought exclusively for the event, so you’ll be served with appetizing foods.. Indeed, a great way to celebrate the weekend!

There will also be contests to be held where everyone can participate. The first contest is dressing them with the most stunning and gorgeous tulips costume. The second is for enthusiasts to bring the most attractive tulips they have in their garden! To join the contest, register at the front desk when you arrive at the venue. Registration starts at 10am and ends at 11am.

The event tickets, too, will serve as your stubs to a grand raffle where you can take home amazing tokens and other prizes. The grand prize is a gardening tool kit.

Tulipes Sauvages also invites entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds and sizes from the flower industry and others who wish to join the event and promote their products. They can set up their own booths to make the event livelier.

Big Tulipes Sauvages’ Big Tulip Meet Up is perfect for everyone – whether you go solo, go with your friends, go with a loved one, or even with the whole family, you surely will have a great time. Tickets for the event can be availed online at a very affordable price.

Mark your calendars now and wait for further announcements at Tulipes Sauvages website! If you have further inquiries of the said event, feel free to contact us at