5 Tulips that Flower from March until June

Tulips are referred as nobles of a garden. They are magnificent masterpieces of nature. But did you know that there are many types of tulips and each of them bloom in different seasons? One of these types is “species” tulips. “Species” tulips are known for their toughness. They can last for a very long time, even decades. They also bloom more beautifully as time progresses. Unlike garden tulips, they tend to disappear after several years, thus they have to be replanted.

In this article, you can learn about five “species” tulips that bloom from March until June.


Tulipaturkestanica is one species of tulips that originated from Turkey. It has grey-green leaves. It can also seem to have 12 star-shaped flowers, usually white in colour. These are indeed one of the fragrant varieties of tulips. It is considered a member of the Botanical Tulips, too. These lovely species can be planted in the garden. It is a true sun-lover where its beauty radiates. It can even grow up to ten inches tall and will surely be there blooming year after year!


Also known as the Persian Tulip, this species of tulips is believed to originate in Persia. Other texts reveal that it natively came from Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tibet and Kashmir. Collectively, Tulipaclusiana are branded as Candlesticks or Lady Tulips. These usually have a combination of red and white colour like a peppermint stick or a streaked of red and yellow colour. They colour up and become so attractive in the first week of April and their beauty lasts until May. They can grow up to eight inches tall. Indeed, this species is also a lover of a warm weather.


Tulipabiflora is a species of tulips locally from Southern Balkans and Southeast Russia. These are short-stemmed plants but with beautiful and wide flowers. They are usually planted every fall and they bloom during spring season. Since they are rare kind of tulips, you can say that they are a sight to behold.


From Amasya, North-West Turkey, Tulipasprengeri grows in good soil and can even survive in a hot weather with limited shade. Some experts say that they can even grow well in grass. The colours are so vivid and anyone can fall in love instantly in the beauty of these species of tulips.


This particular species have a wide range of flower colours. These can grow up to 20 cm in height and usually have very narrow grey-green leaves. They are believed to originate from Iran and Asia.